Lets go to depth

In my school days, I used to fiddle with the operating system of my laptop trying to optimize its speed by installing software packages. Sometimes an unknown problem would cause the system to breakdown, and I would be very curious about finding the fix for the problem using the internet. Soon my pursuit for getting the answers became my passion. Little did I know then that this curiosity would lead me to enroll myself in Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Mainframe Technology as my undergraduate program.

I took my undergrad at the University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies in 2013, situated in Dehradun.

Soon I got introduced to integral concepts of Automata, the theory of computation and many other languages like C, C++, core Java and enterprise Java, which taught me how to build efficient ways of making programs or applications that run on computers.
I am going to stop here discussing more on projects. I have carried out various projects, If you like to know more about it follow the link http://ankurbassi.in/statement-of-purpose/

In my college life I did everything that I could do, From enjoying being a hosteller to a studious student and a family leader for my class, I had the moments which I can look back and cherrish them happily.

Racking our brain for a quiz

I got a golden opportunity to work with IBM mainframe team for my internship. I had a meeting with them in which I asked problems they are facing while working. They told me a few problems after which I brainstormed myself and presented them with a solution and Implemented it too. It was a proud moment for me.

Apart from study I will be going to places with my friends too.

My favourite sports is volleyball and I will go crazy for the sport. I enjoy like a unbridled horse. This sport is connected with my soul. I was captain of my volleyball team in my school time.My second favourite sports is football. In my school I started with football first, so I enjoyed playing both the games

With the blessings of my parents and teacher I was able to crack interview IBM company. After completing my bachelors I joined I.B.M, Bangalore, in January 2018 as Mainframe Automation System Programmer. My role involved the maintenance of Automation related products and using them in order to provide automation-related services to clients.

Not going to bore you with more of technical

I had a lovely team everybody helped each other while working, senior colleagues never showed their seniority and were always ready to help.

We also had trip to Sakleshpur which is in Karnataka state of India.

During the first year of the job, my manager once told me to give a presentation on Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to my teammates. I was not having too much knowledge on both the technologies earlier so I started digging about it with interest and curiosity. As I was excavating the information from TEDx Talk, Wiki links, Youtube originals, etc. the topic of Machine Learning fascinated me the most. In the presentation, I focused on three things. The advantages of both the technologies, Business correlation of A.I with mainframes and blockchain and technical skills required. After having the session I realized that whatever I told my teammates about the future with A.I same applies to me as well and inside I know blockchain will also have a major impact in the future too.

I realized that our future lies with Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, I found that A.I is going to emulate human functionality efficiently and blockchain is going to develop trust in the system. Combining both we can have a revolution in the world with these technologies.

Apart from my job role, I organized various events that promoted team building.

Now I am stepping into student life again preparing to pursue higher studies in Canada in University Of Alberta.