Industry based project

Resume Parser

The programme objective is to scans the resume in pdf,doc,docx format and extracts the Name, Phone number, date of birth, address, LinkedIn id and stores in a text file and database as well.

Can be used as an add on feature for employee management system used by Human resource people.Instead of going and fetching the information manually it automates the process.

Industry based project #2

Website on login

The script fetches the link from the database and opens it in a chrome browser as soon as the user logins to the system.

College Level

Calculator on web

A generic calculator that can be used on mobile phone,tablets desktop, smart television or anywhere which sports a web browser with javascript enabled

College Level

Files extractor

This software extracts all the files from a folder and all the sub folders to the last leaf folders inside it.

Can be used during documenting purpose and research.