Statement of Purpose

In my school days, I used to fiddle with the operating system of my laptop trying to optimize its speed by installing software packages. Sometimes an unknown problem would cause the system to breakdown, and I would be very curious about finding the fix for the problem using the internet. Soon my pursuit for getting the answers became my passion. Little did I know then that this curiosity would lead me to enroll myself in Computer Science Engineering with a specialization in Mainframe Technology as my undergraduate program.

I took my undergrad at the University Of Petroleum and Energy Studies in 2013, situated in Dehradun. Soon I got introduced to integral concepts of Automata, the theory of computation and many other languages like C, C++, core Java and enterprise Java, which taught me how to build efficient ways of making programs or applications that run on computers. Because of my curiosity to know how a computer works, I followed my passion further and developed the project on making Bootloader to load and run a program without an operating system in the 4th semester. In this project, I got to learn how a computer starts from scratch from the moment it is switched and the process that goes for loading the operating system from hard disk to main memory which is the RAM.

I took another challenging project in the 5th semester, where my aim was to learn the functionality provided by the programming languages Designing a Digital Locker desktop application using Java with Eclipse framework. My research was focused on finding and implementing a data structure for storing users’ files so that the data can be retrieved quickly even when there are millions of files to be searched. Thus a lot of research was done by me which finally got me into B-tree algo. With this knowledge, I integrated the algo to my project.

Further during my graduation subjects related to mainframe technology became primary courses of my study. Core mainframe topics like Z/Os, Z/VM, Cobol, Rexx, Jcl, and Db2 were my favorites. In the 7th semester, I came up with a project titled ‘Automatic SMF dump utility and Cobol formatter’. With this project, I automated a frequent MVS related task, which if missed can cause the mainframe to hang. By implementing this project I got to understand the importance of networking with industry people as I had to liaise with them for guidance on the project.

I had a meeting with the IBM mainframe team in which I asked problems they are facing while working. They told me a few problems after which I brainstormed myself and presented them with a solution in which the clearing of the file would happen automatically by checking the log every day. After that, I proceeded with the implementation of the work, creating a bonus utility that gave them a lot of options for renaming files.

In my fourth-year winter break, I worked for a US client through Upwork as a freelancer on a project titled ‘Resume Parser’, an add on feature for employee management system used by Human resource people. My job here was to create an online repository in which people can keep their official documents like safely using AES encryption. The project was divided into two parts which included development and integration. My primary role was in development and I assisted during the integration too. With this project more than learning, I realized the opportunities already existing that many are unaware of.

During June – July 2015, I undertook a ten-week training on Red Hat Linux at CBitss Technology, Chandigarh, and learned to handle system administrative tasks and hosted my own website using my personal computer on the internet. I am also going through a one-year online course on PG Diploma in Blockchain Technology and Management and developing a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology.

After completing my bachelors I joined I.B.M, Bangalore, in January 2018 as Mainframe Automation System Programmer. My role involved the maintenance of Automation related products and using them in order to provide automation-related services to clients. I also scheduled IPL or Auto IPL without human intervention, set up an alert using Rexx language and performed various different activities based on events like clearing of memory, allocating space, automatic job submission and designing programs according to client requirements or other mainframe service team requirements.

I worked on a project titled ‘Setting Alert for jobs consuming high CPU’ while working in IBM. The aim of this project was to inform the system programmer of any job which is using more CPU than a certain threshold. This feature is already available with the omegamon product but it wasn’t accessible so I came up with this feature. I also developed a Syslog analyzer. The objective was to analyze the log of mainframe during a system restart. The application will provide all the error messages which came during system initialization.

During the first year of the job, my manager once told me to give a presentation on Artificial Intelligence and blockchain to my teammates. I was not having too much knowledge on both the technologies earlier so I started digging about it with interest and curiosity. As I was excavating the information from TEDx Talk, Wiki links, Youtube originals, etc. the topic of Machine Learning fascinated me the most. In the presentation, I focused on three things. The advantages of both the technologies, Business correlation of A.I with mainframes and blockchain and technical skills required. After having the session I realized that whatever I told my teammates about the future with A.I same applies to me as well and inside I know blockchain will also have a major impact in the future too.

I realized that our future lies with Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, I found that A.I is going to emulate human functionality efficiently and blockchain is going to develop trust in the system. Combining both we can have a revolution in the world with these technologies. I soon attended a seminar on Blockchain at Amity University in March 2018 where the dignitaries were invited from major blockchain leaders like I.B.M, Litecoin, Numendo and many more. The more I got to know about the technology and its wide range of applications, the more I pursued it.

Apart from my job role, I organized various events that promoted team building. In December 2018, I planned a secret Santa within my team. I also didn’t stop here, next year a trip was organized in which again I planned activities for the trip to Sakleshpur in Karnataka. In college, I was captain of family one, a group in my class. I coordinated the selection process for various outdoor events like volleyball, basketball, football, cricket in the IBM week 2014. I shortlisted the players and made a team out of them.

I recently joined a PG diploma for blockchain since there are no graduate degrees available for this program as of now and got the knowledge of how business can have benefited from it. Now my next step is to Learn Artificial Intelligence. Now that I have enough experience, I want to learn machine learning so that I could add more value to the world through innovation. My previous work was more of a support role but my mind works in research topics, therefore in my job I have created the utilities like Syslog scanner, High CPU utilization alert which was not mandatory for my job roles but because of interest, I created. With machine learning, I will be involved with research work which I like.

I would like to pursue a University which is providing specialization in machine learning. I would like to learn under Professor whose area of expertise is in dealing with Robots for developing decision-making skills human-like. It will be an honor for me if I can develop my skills as well as help the professor with their research objective.

After studying I would like to work for an organization in the area of research and development for AI with the use of Machine Learning. AI still needs improvement in all areas including health care or transportation, which is my preferred field of study for the future. Thus working for a firm and automating their work with the help of AI will be my aim for the first 3-5 years. My long-term goal is to start my own firm which provides the best solution in automation for all types of industries including health care. I would like to take my business to provide consultancy services too for the best way to achieve automated solutions.

I hope to carry forward the fame and prestige of the university from where graduate.